Ghazwany Webster is your way to learn English easily, accurately and elegantly. Since learning has never been easy,  and to say nothing of hard work and have a passion to do it. In other words, GW gives you a platform to find everything about English.


In general, many see grammars as a complicated topic. But in fact, it’s not that hard. Grammars are the backbone of any language, it helps you to how be a perfect writer or reader. Understanding the grammars means you make your major step, and it’s huge. To get started, set your Level.


How can one talk the talk without walk the walk? Vocabulary is the major subject in any language you want to learn. Most languages depend on it, because how will you talk? how will you react?

You should learn at least 10-15 words a day so you can get started properly. To begin, start here. Enjoy!

Real World

Living the moment with our category Real World where you can kick-off the words from your mouth! Real World gives you how English people whether they’re British or not talk, react, speak, explain and more! hit the this button to make a start.





Name : Saad Adel El-ghazwani

Age : 19 (24th of the November, 1998)

Height : 169 c.m.

Nationality : Libyan     

Career : FCE, Pre-Celta

Twitter : @SElGhazwani